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  • If you need to reach an individual in our school, please call the main office at 973-8100.

    Last Name First Name Email Address Title Building
    Acosta Lori Paraeducator 3 Linwood
    Allen Angela Prekindergarten Linwood
    Allen Courtney Temp Aide - Co-op Linwood
    Baldwin Meagan Interrelated-Elem Linwood
    Barger Cameron Second Grade Linwood
    Belcher Tanya Third Grade Linwood
    Bost David Asst Principal Linwood
    Bowersox Laura Fifth Grade Linwood
    Bozarth Rocio Administrative Assistant 4 Linwood
    Brown Aries Custodian 1 Linwood
    Burns Joann Paraeducator 4 Linwood
    Christian Jessica Physical Ed - Elem Linwood
    Cicciu Jessica Psychologist-Elem Linwood
    Cox Lindi Instructional Coach Elem Linwood
    Cummins Shirley Paraeducator 3 Linwood
    Dean Howard Custodian 4 Linwood
    Decker Cara Second Grade Linwood
    Edwards Sasha Speech Clinic-Elem Linwood
    Elder Geralyn Speech Clinic-Elem Linwood
    Epley Lucinda Clerk 3 Linwood
    Evans Jill Social Worker Linwood
    Faber Karla Art-Elementary Linwood
    Foote Keith Custodian 2 Linwood
    Friend Alyssa Temp Aide - LRE Linwood
    Gallaway Allen Fourth Grade Linwood
    Gates Caroline Paraeducator 3 Linwood
    Goldsmith Christina Kindergarten Linwood
    Hanes Miriam Prekindergarten Linwood
    Harvey Sarah Paraeducator 3 Linwood
    Hauschild Dayna Counselor-Elem Linwood
    Hays Julia Physical Ed - Elem Linwood
    Hogan Lindsay Paraeducator 3 Linwood
    Hutchinson Traci Vocal Music Elem Linwood
    Journey Christina First Grade Linwood
    Juarez Aurora Paraeducator 4 Linwood
    King Brenda Occup Therapy Linwood
    Knuth Stephanie Secretary 5 Linwood
    Landwehr Lori ESOL Linwood
    Lohrey Mary Second Grade Linwood
    Maley Katie Fourth Grade Linwood
    Mayfield Jill Resource Teacher-Elem Linwood
    McCollum Angela ESOL Linwood
    McDonough Kelly Fourth Grade Linwood
    Mizer-Dalrymple Stacey Reading Intervention Linwood
    Murphy Vanessa Paraeducator 3 Linwood
    Northcutt Dea Paraeducator 3 Linwood
    Osborne DeLynne Reading Intervention Linwood
    Osburn Jennifer Kindergarten-All Day Linwood
    Pauscher Catherine Third Grade Linwood
    Phelps Vera Third Grade Linwood