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Principal and district-level administration changes

Principal and district-level administration changes

As the district looks ahead to next year, there are principal and district-level administration changes in order to support Dr. Alicia Thompson as she begins her work as Superintendent this summer. These changes will better support our schools and our students.

  • Michele Ingenthron has been named Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools. She has already made the transition and has begun her work.

The following district-level administration changes will take place at the end of the school year:

  • Chris Wendt, principal at Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet, will be Executive Director of Elementary Schools.
  • Shannon Benoit will lead the Pre-K programs and Multilingual Education Services
  • Dr. Ken Jantz will be Executive Director of Title I Programs
  • Dr. Lisa Lutz will continue to lead our Assessments and Research Department as it joins with IST. She will serve as IST-Academic Liaison.

Elementary school princial changes for 2017-2018:

  • Susan Rosell, principal at Dodge to principal at Bostic – replaces Jane Walker, who is retiring.
  • Donna Simpson, principal at Payne to principal at Harry Street – replaces Julie Bettis, who is retiring.
  • Ben Myrick, assistant principal at North to principal at Colvin – replaces Michele Ingenthron, who was named Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools
  • Kari Wiechman, principal at Pleasant Valley Elementary to principal at Minneha – replaces Chris Wendt, who will be Executive Director of Elementary Schools
  • Lynn DuVall, principal at Anderson to principal at Jackson
  • Kamiel Evans, principal at Jackson to principal at Jefferson
  • Janice Wilson, principal at Jefferson to principal at Woodman
  • Carol Dunne, principal at Lawrence to principal at Pleasant Valley Elementary
  • Jeanna Hernandez, principal at Park to principal at Lawrence
  • Michelle Cuda, principal at Woodland to principal at Dodge
  • Nicki Vossman, principal at Woodman to principal at Anderson
  • Kristi Franks, assistant principal at Cessna to principal at Park
  • Tina Young, assistant principal at White to principal at Payne
  • Jeanie Ybarra Watkins, assistant principal at Gammon to principal at Woodland
  • Cindy Chrisman, interim principal at McCollom to principal at McCollom – replaces Shane Walck, who left the district.
  • Alison Renner, interim principal at Riverside to principal at Riverside – replaces Brandi Flisram, who left the district.