Challenge to Success


    This program provides regular education students in grades 9-12 a small and caring environment with extra supports.  The student may need extra support due to being overwhelmed by the demands of the environment, emotional or mental health difficulties.  The program will be tailored to the specific needs of each students.  This program can accept up to 10 students for enrollment. 

    Admission is voluntary and parents can choose to withdraw the student.  Students will have access to supports such as

    • Clinical or School Psychologist
    • Clinical or School Social Worker
    • School Nurse
    • Individual or Group Counseling

    Curriculum delivery options include computerized learning as well as traditional coursework.  Students also have access to elective classes such as Physical Education and Art. 

    Criteria for Enrollment

    1. Referrals are made by the district's behavior specialists.
    2. The parent/guardian must complete an application which is sent to the Challenge team at Sowers. 
    3. A tour and interview are conducted.
    4. Acceptance into the program is contractual and an agreement outlining the expectation of the program is signed by the parent and student.
    5. Withdrawal from the program can occur anytime, but in the best interest of the student, alignment with semester transitions is encouraged.