Lawrence Elementary currently implements the Hall Pass Visitor Management System
  • How Hall Pass Works:


    Any visitor entering one of our schools – who will have the opportunity to interact with students during bell hours – will be required to sign in using this system.

    Bell hours are the time school starts and 10 minutes after the period of a normal school day (ex: 9 a.m. to 4:20 p.m. for a 9 a.m. start school).

    Visitors who will be required to use this system include:

    ​​* Parents, guardians and other visitors who will volunteer in or observe classrooms or student activity areas.

    * Parents, guardians or other appropriate visitors who eat lunch with their student, who may be at school for a birthday celebration or classroom activity, or who may drive for a field trip.

    * Vendors and other community partners who have access to our building's hallways to execute their work duties.

    Driver’s license or government-issued ID card will be used to check you in to the building. Name and birthdate will be instantly captured, and within seconds, you will receive a date-specific visitors ID badge to wear in school.​

    Visitor IDs will be scanned against national sexual offender data bases to ensure the safety and security of our school environment. This will occur in a matter of seconds.

    Frequent visitors may request a unique key fob ID to make check-in/check-out scanning easier on future visits. Frequent visitors will still be required to check in on each visit and wear an ID badge.

    A visitor will be required to check in each time they visit. This can be done using the key fob, or their drivers license/ID.

    Each time a visitor checks in, a custom ID badge will be provided.

    Should a non-authorized visitor attempt to enter a school, both school leaders and our district’s safety personnel will be alerted.​


    Last Updated: 10/22/14

  • Attention Parents:

    Have you already registered with our Hall Pass system?  Avoid the long lines and call ahead!


    If you will be visiting our school for an event (birthday party, school party, school program) during school hours, you may call the office (316) 973-9900 ahead of time to have your badge printed.  

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