• Mr. Diego Lazarin is the boys basketball coach and Mrs. Trina Dixon is the girls basketball coach. Basketball Tryouts are December 11-13after school. 3:20-5:00pm. All students must have a physical and concussion form turned in to be able to try out and play on the basketball team. All 7th & 8th grade students are welcome to try out. But only 12-15 will made the team. 


    Coleman Middle School Basketball
    Player Expectations


    1. You are expected to be a leader in and out of the classroom and have a positive attitude at practice
    2. Be on time to practice every day.  If you will be late or will not be at practice, you NEED to communicate this to Coach Dixon/Lazarin prior to being gone.
    1. Give your best at each drill or activity you perform. 
    2. Be willing to accept instruction.
    3. Avoid negative comments about practice and/or teammates.  Instead, compliment one another, high five, and celebrate the team’s successes.
    1. Dress appropriately on game days.  School dress code will be followed.  We will either dress up as a team or wear our team shirts.
    1. Treat managers with respect.
    2. You may wear black or white shoes.  Please do not buy shoes that have red, purple, blue etc.  team colors please.
    3. Do not argue or question the officials.  This type of action will result in bench time.  This is a part of displaying good sportsmanship.
    1. During practice all of your belongings should be in the locker room.  The only thing you should have out in the gym would be a water bottle. 



    3:20pm – 5:20pm every day

    Morning practices are TBD

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    Basketball Schedule: 

    2020 Schedule

    Wednesday, Jan. 22          Monday, Jan. 27               Wednesday, Jan. 29                          

    Coleman @ Curtis                 Hadley @ Coleman               Coleman @ Mayberry (3:00pm)        


    Monday, Feb. 3                  Wednesday, Feb. 5

    Truesdell @ Coleman             Coleman @ Mead 


    Monday Feb. 10                 Wednesday, Feb. 12           Thursday Feb. 20

    Curtis @ Coleman                 Coleman @ Hadley                Mayberry @ Coleman


    Monday, Feb. 24                Wednesday, Feb. 26

    Coleman @ Truesdell             Mead @ Coleman


    All dates are doubleheaders; unless noted, game 1 begins @ 3:30; Game 2 begins 10 minutes after conclusion of Game 1 Boys play game 1 through Feb. 5 , beginning Feb. 10 girls will play game 1