• Coleman Middle School Bullying/Harassment Agreement Neatly PRINT first and last name below: ____________________________ ____________________________

    (FIRST)                                         (LAST)

    I, the undersigned, promise to remain aware of bullying/harassing behaviors and to refrain from such behaviors. I am committed to healthy, respectful relationships with all others. Bullying is purposeful behavior that intends to cause harm or distress, is usually repeated over time, and occurs in a relationship where there is an imbalance of power. Bullying/harassing behaviors include, but are not limited to: 1) Physical Bullying/Harassment: Harm to someoneís body or property. (Examples: assaulting, pushing, shoving, bumping, tripping; threatening harm; making threatening gestures, looks, comments; defacing, destroying, or stealing property; starting fights) 2) Emotional Bullying/Harassment: Harm to someoneís self-esteem or feeling of safety. (Examples: teasing, name calling, insulting, spreading rumors; making mean or threatening gestures, looks, or comments; defacing, destroying, or stealing property) 3) Social Bullying/Harassment: Harm to someoneís group acceptance. (Examples: Gossiping, starting or spreading rumors, teasing publicly, ignoring to exclude from a group, ostracizing; writing or posting derogatory comments; playing tricks to embarrass; humiliating) 4) Physical or Verbal Sexual Harassment: Unwanted and/or unwelcome sexual behavior which interferes with oneís ability to get an education or to work. (Examples: touching, pinching, grabbing, rubbing; pulling someoneís clothes; making or sending sexual notes or pictures; making suggestive or sexual gestures, looks, jokes, noises, or verbal comments; forcing someone to kiss or hug; asking personal or sexual questions of others; making personal or sexual statements about others; spreading rumors) I fully understand that if I am involved in any bullying/harassing behaviors and/or activities, I am subject to disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion from school. I further understand that, because bullying/harassment is a violation of law, I am also subject to prosecution or incarceration.

    Student Signature __________________________ Date______________________ 

    Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________________ Date _____________________

    Coleman Parent/Guardian: Bullying/Harassment assemblies at Coleman Middle School provide students detailed information about this agreement and an opportunity to ask questions for clarification. Please refer to BOE Policies P1116 and P1464 for additional information. These policies, as well as the Student Code of Conduct, may be found on Wichita Public Schools website at www.usd259.com

    Please sign and return to E Office.