• Life Skills

    During Life Skills, we target two different goals.  We focus on teaching our students independent skills regarding nutrition and cooking, and we also carry over different units from the Unique curriculum. 


    When we are focusing on nutrition and cooking, we strive to concentrate on teaching our students the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet, following a recipe, measuring ingredients, how to use different kitchen appliances, and most importantly, how to be safe in the kitchen.  After we are done with all of this learning, the students get to do what they enjoy most….cooking and sampling their finished product.  This is their favorite part of the class!


    When we are not cooking, we carry over different units from Unique.  These enhancement activities focus on the current unit in the Unique curriculum and could include anything from an art activity to a science project or an interactive lesson on the smart board.  These activities allow the students to gain more exposure to the unit content, which creates more opportunities for our students to grow.


    If you are ever at Levy, please stop by to see what we are cooking, and who knows, the students might even share their snack with you!!