• Each year, students in grades 1-5 are given a chance to run for class representative.  They go through much of the same process as in the real world.  Each student writes and records a persuasive speech on why they should be chosen and what Community Service they will complete during their term.  Classes narrow down the candidates to two per classroom in the Primary and the formal election is held on the national Election Day.  All students go through the same process of signing in, getting the ballot and voting.  Volunteers count the ballots and the results are given.  

    The elected and the runners-up are invited to the Inaugural Ball held in January. In May, Representatives complete their Community Service and project.  Students must complete their planned Community Service project, then synthesize their research and experience into a brief presentation to be shared in the Lighthouse Showcase. Representatives also serve on the student Lighthouse Team, which plans events and problem-solves for the Enders Community. Student Lighthouse Team members also serve as Enders Ambassadors to visitors and community members.