• The Student Lighthouse Team is essential to ensuring student input is utilized for schoolwide community projects and events. 


    Each year, students in each kindergarten-fifth grade are given a chance to run for class lighthouse leader. 


    Applications come out the last Friday in August. Every student has the opportunity to apply to be their classroom’s Student Lighthouse Leader.   Classes narrow down the candidates to two per classroom in the primary.  Those candidates interview with our building Shared Leadership Team and then one of their interview question answers is shared with their grade level.  A formal election is held on the last Friday in September where the grade levels vote for their class Student Lighthouse Leader.    


    Some events and projects the Student Lighthouse Team plan are pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House, Enders Feast, Global Playday, Earth Day Celebration, and End Ending. 


    They also operate a school store called "The Nest." Funds from the school store go to support the whole building in small projects.