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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Stacey Hoyt

Hello! I am Ms. Hoyt, the full-time Physical Education teacher at Ortiz.  I teach P.E. every day at Ortiz.  I have been at Ortiz since the building opened in 2012.  I am a proud Wichita State University graduate, a Nebraska Cornhusker fan and a Kansas City Chiefs fan!!  


  • P.E. Daily Schedule - Please wear shoes good for P.E. on the following days:


    Walden, Silva, Lujano, Troutt, Marrufo & Harris


    Schedule changes so bring P.E. shoes every Tuesday


    Martin, Arevalo, Walden, Hayes, Troutt, Stratton (Duncan), Lujano, Mitchell, Hererra, Ramos, Mikelait, Marrufo


    Hayes, Martin, Noland, Stratton (Duncan), Ramos, Mikelait


    Arevalo, Silva, Mitchell, Noland, Harris, Hererra


    Please encourage your student to wear shoes that are good for P.E. on these days.  They can always bring them in their backpack and change in class also.