Move the Cookie
  • All good memories start in the last year of middle school, 8th grade. You have the honor roll which gives breakfast and a medal for the accomplishments you have done. Including house activities, such as the Inca house, that has competitions and fun prizes while having fun. Furthermore, it’s with the friends that you’ve had for the past 3 years, if you guys have remained friends for that long. So what exactly are the 8th grade all-stars?


    The highest rank of All Star is Gold. To be a Gold All Star you must have no D’s or F’s, GPA 3.5+ (or higher), no tardies, less than 2 absences, and no referrals. For silver, the middle rank, you must have no D’s or F’s, GPA 3.0+, no class tardies, less than 2 absences, and no referrals. While bronze, the lowest rank, involves having no D’s or F’s, no class tardies, and no referrals.


    Some benefits that came from the all-stars were receiving dress down, in it to win it celebration, and for lunch watching a movie. In the Minute it to win it celebration, there was a bag full of junk food for each student and then some prizes if u won the competitions. They were all yelling and having fun cheering for other students while competing. For the movie it was actually just a bunch of videos in the background over parkour while we all talked to each other. Including that we got nacho-cheese along with a cupcake and a coupon for one of our class periods to do 4 things we want.


    Overall no matter what grade you’re in you must always be a good noodle even when not receiving anything in return. This way you maintain a good behavior; good grades, and go to special events and do special things. Also, so your parents and siblings can be very proud of you.

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