Program Information

  • The Learning Center is specifically designed for special education students with severe social and emotional needs. The program is alilgned with USD 259 curriculum standards.  The curriculum is then adapted and modified for each student according to their academic needs based upon their IEP.  Coursework is offered through a variety of delivery which includes:

    • Computer assisted instruction
    • Audio visual materials
    • Written materials
    • Research

    Both a certified teacher and a paraprofessional are available to assist the sstudents.  Most students attend a half day in order to obtain employment for which they may earn credit for a vocational class.  Students are usually deficient in credits.

    Criteria for enrollment.

    1. Must meet the Certificate of Eligibility for Placement in an Alternative Setting.
    2. 11th Grade or above.
    3. Have Sowers Child Study Team/Administrator Approval.