Summer School

  • Enrollment Guidelines

    Students who currently attend any of the programs offered at Sowers may apply for acceptance into Summer School.

    There is no cost for these students. However, transportation will not be provided. Parents/guardians are responsible to provide transportation for their child. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first served basis. There is a 10 student limit.


    Students can take classes in the core content areas of English, History, Math or Science depending upon their needs. The curriculum is delivered through a computer based program. Students move through the curriculum at their own pace.

    Attendance Policy

    Students are expected to be present each day of summer school without exception. When students are unable to be present for the entire session, students risk removal from the summer school opportunity without credit . Family vacations, doctor appointments, and other commitments should not be planned during summer school classes.

    No make-up sessions will be held. Three tardies of 15 minutes or more equals one absence. Students with one absence will be withdrawn without credit.