•  6th Grade Student of the Month

    Chandin Manion is a 6th grader that sets the bar of what Coleman pride should be.  Through enthusiasm Chandin is able to capture his fellow classmates into the task at hand, even if it is pulling weeds. He is very inquisitive about learning new things and is constantly seeking answers out.  Through hard work and his dedication to learning and his caring spirit Chandin provides a great example of what it means to have Coleman Pride.


    7th Grade Student of the Month

    We are beyond blessed to have this student in my class. They consistently show up to class to work. Not to play games, not to socialize, but to work. Anything we have asked of this young lady, she is more than capable to handle at and even excel. We can tell her peers look up to her, in more ways than one, and she helps them out as well. When we called her mother to let her know how good she was in class this year, she let me know that her daughter had been working very hard to turn around from 6th grade. We absolutely love having someone so mature to depend on, who will always put her best foot forward. Thank you Nyla for being our 7th grade, August student of the month.


    8th Grade Student of the Month

    Mahak Farhoudi is Coleman’s 8th grade Student of the Month. 


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