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    Welcome to Little Early Childhood Center

    Where BIG things happen! 

    Little is home to over 250 three to five-year old students and their families. Little provides a quality, caring public education to students with a wide-range of needs. These diverse needs are seen as one of our biggest strengths. It is through our students' differences that they are able to learn invaluable lessons from one another. 

    Classrooms at Little Early Childhood Center 

    To support the needs of all our students, Little offers a variety of classroom options. Three classrooms provide support to children in a unified setting and eleven classrooms provide support to children with special education needs. All classrooms provide instruction to students in half-day sessions.   

    Unified Classrooms:  Mixture of Regular Education and Students with Exceptionalities 3-5 years old

    Inclusive setting to meet the learning needs of Regular Education Students and Students with Exceptionalities 3-5 years old. Unified classrooms provide academic instruction to promote kindergarten readiness skills. Students learn pre-reading, writing and math concepts as well as fundamental social skills needed for building positive relationships. These classrooms have one teacher and two paraprofessionals. 

    Special Education Classrooms:Self-Contained

    All of our special education classrooms are considered 'self-contained'.  These rooms offer a small class size with very structured lessons. While these rooms provide instruction to only students with special education needs, multiple opportunities are provided throughout the day for students to interact with peers in regular education. These classrooms have one teacher and two paraprofessionals.

    Buddy Classrooms

    While Little has both special education and unified classrooms, students from all rooms have multiple opportunities throughout the day to play and learn together. This is accomplished by having each regular education and unified classroom "buddied" with a special education classroom. Students start their morning together with song and dance, they play together at recess and share in special activities and events.

    Little is a school with a lot going on! It's a place where diversity is welcomed and small things are never overlooked.