About NAL

  • National Academic League

    National Academic League (NAL) is an academic competition that offers students a variety of ways to compete. Sometimes the competition is head-to-head and speed-based. Sometimes it is individual where only the person whose turn it is can answer. Students will also work in groups to answer questions and solve problems. At other times, it is a free for all, with all competitors racing to be first with the correct answer. It is this variety that makes NAL so challenging and entertaining.Each NAL game consists of four quarters (Click a quarter to learn more about it): 
    Quarter 1 - Roundabout
    Quarter 2 - Teamwork
    Quarter 3 - Problem Solving

    Quarter 4 - One-on-One

    Before the start of the game, a tossup question is given to the captains of both teams.  The team that answers the toss up question correctly will choose whether their team will go first or second in the first or third quarter. Once that decision is made, the other team will choose to go first or second in the remaining round. At this time, the Q3 players are released to go to their designated areas to work on their problem solving presentation. They will have until the end of Q2 to put together a presntation based upon the prompt they have just received.