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    We will provide continuous learning opportunities for students - CLICK HERE TO ACCESS ONLINE PACKETS LISTED BELOW
    Our continuous learning packets are the first step, not the only step, to engage students. Teachers are reaching out to engage students through a variety of methods including phone calls, online class meetings, and review of data from both packets and online learning tools like Lexia, Dreambox, Mathia and Edgenuity. If you have questions about your student’s continuous learning, please call their school or email their teacher/principal to talk further about expectations and opportunities. 

    WPS Learn Together

     Wichita Public Schools teachers give lessons in art, science, music and P.E. Click here!


    Digital Parenting: Virtual Summer Trips
    In partnership with Common Sense Media, WPS is offering webinars for parents to help students become good digital citizens May 20 & 21. This week will be Virtual Summer Trips. Join online > Learn more...


    Partner learning activities
    Wichita community organizations have
    learning activities that students can do at home. Click here!


    Continuous Learning Parent Guide


    Need support? Call 973-4443

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