• Our staff members work hard each and every day to support our students! You can learn more about our teachers by clicking on the links below or using the menu options.

  • 6th Grade Teachers

    • Brian Anderson (Science, Math)
    • MacKenzie Anderson (ESOL, AVID Excel, Tech Team)
    • Wendi Appelhans (Math)
    • Katie Belshe (Social Studies, Language Arts)
    • Haylee Conduff (Social Studies, Middle School 101)
    • Emma Fitzgerald (Social Studies)
    • Janelle Lopez (Math)
    • Arely Pasillas (Science)
    • Jennifer Peterson (Social Studies, Language Arts)
    • Beverly Yowell (Language Arts)


    7th Grade Teachers

    • Drew Anderson (Language Arts)
    • Keli Barron (Math)
    • Jonathan Belsan (Social Studies, Math, Middle School 101)
    • Ashley Brown (Language Arts)
    • Teresa Christner (Math)
    • Tonya Davis (Language Arts)
    • Jordan Kinnevan (Social Studies)
    • Dustin Vaughn (Science, AVID)


    8th Grade Teachers

    • Katie Ambuehl (Science, Math)
    • Samuel Belsan (Social Studies, AVID)
    • Aubree Brasser (Language Arts, Theatre)
    • Jennifer Garretson (ESOL, AVID Excel)
    • Kelli Ines (Math, AVID)
    • Frank Newingham (Science, Math, Nature Champions)


    Exploratory Teachers


    Support Staff

    • Kiffany Althouse (Psychologist)
    • Katie Erickson (Counselor - Last Names: M-Z)
    • Erin Fenn (Speech Pathologist)
    • Jennifer Follis (Library Clerk)
    • Channon Hankins (Social Worker)
    • CleoAnne Hundley (Counselor - Last Names: A-L)
    • Katy Martin (Nurse)
    • Laura Parks (Success Coach, Behavior Specialist)
    • Stephanie Renfro (Data Leader)
    • Missy Songer (Special Education Administrative Liaison)



    • Karen Waterman-Overgaard (Principal)
    • Monique Brown (Assistant Principal - Last Names: A-L)
    • Stacey Marcotte (Assistant Principal - Last Names: M-Z)