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    My name is Cody McIntyre and I am the STT or Site Technology Technician here at Heights. We have tried to compile a list of issues we have run into so far with the laptops. Please, let me know if you find something different than listed below.

    1. If a parent's name shows up on the laptop instead of the student's name. The information is pulled from the pupil information form. The name in the ‘preferred name’ spot needs to be the child’s preferred name. Parents you can either contact the school and get it fixed or have your student let the teacher know there is an issue.
    2. T-Mobile will not work – The card is not activated yet. We are looking at 48 hours to get them going. Be sure to leave computer plugged in as this will help with signal strength. Try and stay in one place, preferably one that is close to an outlet and that has worked well for you in the past.
    3. Once the T-Mobile is working you will need to select the T-Mobile icon in the wireless and check the box manage and then click connect.
    4. Pop-ups that try and make them sign in – it could be software they are trying to access that they don’t need access. Do a Ctrl Alt Del and select the Task Manager. Then find the pop-up, select it and click on End Task. That should close most of the annoying pop-ups.
    5. Students get to Office 0365 through Rapid ID. 
    6. Make sure you are using the Desktop App for Teams.
    7. Another way to access Microsoft O365 is to go to office.com You can find your Teams, Outlook and all Office Apps here.
    8. Contact your teacher if you are having issues with your password. They can unlock your account.
    9. If a computer gets damaged please contact the Heights office immediatly so we can get another laptop loading and ready for your student.

    I will update this list as I learn more. 
    If you need additional help please email me by clicking IT Email or you can call 316-973-1520 and leave a message.

    If you leave a message, please be sure and include:
    Student Name and ID number and an email or phone number where we can contact you! This will help expedite fixing any computer issue your student might have. 

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