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What's Happening in Nutrition Services

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  • National School Breakfast Week is March 4-8th

    Surf's Up with School Breakfast

    The School Breakfast Program serves 14.7 million students each school day in approximately 90,000 schools nationwide. These breakfasts are not just your average fare—they tend to be more nutritious than the average breakfast a child gets from home or a convenient fast-food restaurant. So, let’s hang loose and celebrate the power of a healthy school breakfast. Join us in ensuring that every child catches the wave of nourishment, setting them up for success and learning. Cowabunga!


    Did you know?

    Children who fuel up with breakfast are more likely to:

    • Attain higher levels of achievement in subjects such as reading and math
    • Exhibit improved concentration, alertness, comprehension and memory
    • Achieve higher scores on standardized tests
    • Have reduced absenteeism and tardiness
    • Maintain a healthy weight
    • Improve their classroom behavior
  • Free Breakfast for All Students

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