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Workgroup Overview

  • Purpose

    Workgroups are a diverse group of leaders from various levels and departments that organize, problem-solve, communicate and collaborate to identify recommendations that align strategies and resources to support the implementation of the MTSS framework.


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    The Workgroup Structure

    A Workgroup consists of three parts:  A Core Team, Task Forces and Focus Groups

    • The Core Team includes leaders with expertise in content and topic areas who are responsible for communication, accountability, and implementation of task force projects that align with the Work Group annual targets. Core team members serve a 3-year term.

    • Task Forces are formed at the direction of the Core Team to meet specific objectives and goals related to the Work Group annual targets. Task Force members serve until the assigned task is complete.
    • Focus Groups are formed at the direction of the Core Team to receive feedback on targets, implementation and professional development plans.


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