Wichita Virtual School

  • Grades K-12


    Who We Are:

    Wichita Virtual School is a competency-based program where curriculum and instruction is accessed online. Additionally, students and their stakeholders receive progress reports weekly via the online learning management system. Real time access for progress monitoring is also available. 


    Want to know if Wichita Virtual School is right for you?

     Do you:

    • Like one-on-one attention
    • Like the freedom to spend more time on certain subjects
    • Prefer to learn and study at home rather than in a traditional classroom
    • Prefer to work on school outside of regular school hours


    If this sounds like you, then an individualized educational experience is within your reach in our online environment.


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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is a virtual school?

     At Wichita Virtual School (WVS), students take online classes with instruction from certified teachers.


    What if my child needs help?

     At WVS, Kansas certified teachers are available to assist students and parents in a variety of ways: online, email, by phone, or in person.


    Is my child eligible to enroll in Wichita Virtual School?

     WVS serves in the Wichita metropolitan area in grades K-12.


    How would my child benefit from attending Wichita Virtual School?

    At WVS, your child will be given an unprecedented degree of accessibility, flexibility, and assistance which provides the opportunity to be prepared for his/her next level of education. This means your child will receive a great deal of personal attention from teachers, learn in a safe environment, and have a quality education that helps each student achieve his or her highest potential.


    Is Wichita Virtual School accredited?

    Yes, our curriculum is approved by the Kansas Department of Education and meets all state standards.


    Do I need to own a computer to attend?

    At WVS, students may rent computer hardware, such as a laptop, after paying a small technology fee. The technology provided is instructional property and must be returned when the student leaves WVS. We also provide free technical and troubleshooting support. Families must provide their own internet.


    Are students involved in state testing?

    Yes, all WVS students are required to take all district and state assessments.