District benefited employees have the option to participate in our Flex Spending plans: the Flex Spending-Medical plan and the Flex Spending-Dependent Day Care plan. Employees can enroll in one or both plans during the annual open enrollment period, or changes may be made if a life event occurs, such as a birth or marriage. The plan is described in the Flexible Spending Summary Plan Description.  

    Flexible Spending Rollover Reminder:  ASI, our Flexible Spending Account vendor will automatically roll over up to $500 of unused funds from your prior year's Health Care Flex Account.  This amount will be added to the following year's Health Care Flex Election, and will not reduce your new pledge.  


    ASI is the third-party administrator for our Flexible Spending Plans. Information regarding expenses covered by flex plans, reimbursement forms and contact information may be found on the ASI website.
    If you have questions about your account, eligible expenses or reimbursements you may contact ASI at their toll-free number, 1-800-659-3035, or via email at asi@asiflex.com.


    Employees enrolled in the Flex Spending-Medical plan may apply for a debit card to use for your eligible medical expenses. The card can be used in leiu of submitting the reimbursement form, but you may still be required to submit documentation to ASI for the expense, so hang on to your receipts.
    Flex-Medical Debit Card Order Form - for Flex-Medical expenditures

    ASIFlex has a mobile app available FREE for participants to download.

    ASIFlex's user-friendly mobile app allows participants to review their account and file claims quickly and easily using a phone/tablet. No more filing manual claims or copying and scanning documentation! Participants can simply take a picture with their device's camera feature and submit a claim using the mobile app.

    Just go to the Google Play Store for Android devices or App Store for Apple devices and search for ASIFlex. Or, simply scan the appropriate code available at www.asiflex.com.


    ASI has partnered with the FSA Store.  Employees enrolled in Flex-Medical can now order flex-eligible supplies online, and even use your Flex Debit Card to make the process fast and easy. Visit www.asiflex.com and click on the FSAStore link to see the list of eligible items.