• Battle of the Books

  • Join Battle of the Books

         Do you love to read? We would love to have you on our Mead Battle of the Books team this year! Sign-up in the library and choose a list (red, blue, green or orange) and become an expert on the six books on the list. 

         In the spring, we will have a building competition for each color list. Those who read each list will compete against the other students who read the same books to see who is the expert. The expert for each color list will make up our final Mead Battle of the Books team and compete against other middle schools in the district.

         There are GREAT books by GREAT authors on the list! If you sign up, be sure to begin checking out the books so you can begin reading. You can sign up on this form or see the library teacher to sign-up or for more information.

         Ready to start reading? This year's list is posted below...so grab the books and start reading!

BOB Trailer 23-24 by Christy Aberg
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  • Official Rules

    Middle School Battle of the Books Rules

    1. A team will consist of no more than 4 members. There will be no minimum number of players.
    2. The moderator will flip a coin before the game to decide who goes first. The team winning the toss will have the first question.
    3. A round will consist of 12 questions.
    4. The moderator will read each question once and will repeat it once upon the request of the team member assigned the question. (The clock will continue to run while the question is repeated).
    5. The moderator will say the team member’s name, state the question, and repeat the team member’s name to start the time. Once a team member has been designated to answer the question, 20 seconds will be allowed to start the answer. The questions will be answered by team members in sequential order. The person answering may get help from his/her teammates within the 20-second time limit, but he/she may not confer until the moderator repeats the team member’s name a second time. Once the answer has begun, no more conferring is allowed.
    6. If any member of a team confers at an inappropriate time, the team will receive a warning from the judges.
    7. If any member of a team displays unsportsmanlike conduct the team will receive a warning from the judges.
    8. Additional offenses will result in the offending team forfeiting its opportunity to respond.
    9. The question will be read again and addressed to the next player in sequence on the opposing team as a rebound question. (Time will be 10 seconds and score for a correct answer will be two points).
    10. Two (2) points will be awarded for each correct book title as it appears on the official booklist. Judges will disregard articles such as “a,” “an,” and “the” at the beginning of all titles. One (1) bonus point will be awarded for the name of the author as it appears on the official booklist. A team cannot earn bonus points for the author’s name unless the title has been stated correctly.
    11. If a team fails to answer the question correctly within the allotted time, the question will be read again and addressed to the next player in sequence on the opposing team, who will have 10 seconds in which to begin the answer. The second team offered the question cannot confer until the question has been addressed to them or the team will forfeit its opportunity to respond. Points can only be earned for the title. The play will resume with the next question being directed to that same player.
    12. Teams will be put into a bracket and compete until they are eliminated. In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker round will be held.
    13. The tiebreaker round will consist of 12 questions. Scoring will start at zero. Rounds will continue until a winner is determined.
    14. Challenges (to questions, answers, procedures, or time) will be handled in the following manner.
    • A team member will raise his/her hand and call out “TIME” immediately following the action to be challenged and before the next question is asked. Only team members will be allowed to challenge.
    • Participating team members may challenge any aspect of the competition.