Team Members



    Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Barr,  Mrs. Fanning

Team Expectations

  • Homework

    • Reading: Students will be given Reading Homework each school day (Monday-Friday).
    • Math: Students will be given Math Homework on Tuesday and Thursday.
    • Homework is due back at the assigned time given by each teacher.
    • Student agendas will go home each night and returned each morning. Students are responsible for getting a parent signature in their agenda each evening.



    • CHAMPS - Students are expected to follow expectations using the CHAMPS system in the classroom and throughout the building.




    • Students are also expected to follow Cloud's guidlines for success using the SPIRIT Model.

    Guidelines for Success


Team Activites

  • Important Dates



    • Young People's Concert - November & February

Team Specials

Team Specials schedule