Team Members



    Ms. Adrienne, Ms. Teresa, Ms. Brittany, Ms. Vinnie, Ms. Oniela, Ms. Rebekah


Ms. Pierpoint's AM Schedule

Team Expectations

  • We are so excited and ready to meet our wonderful new Pre-K students for the 2018.-2019 school year! If you have any questions at all regarding the beginning of the school year, please feel free to call Ms. Vinnie or Ms. Brittany. We are here for you and look forward to working together to meet the needs of your child.

    Behavior Expectations:
    Our Pre-K team uses many positive behavior support systems to help your child not only suceed academically, but socially as well. We use a clip chart, where students are expected to come in to class "Ready to Learn", and as the day goes on, they are able to move up to being a "Superstar" if they do something extraordinary or exhibit model behavior for other students. If students repeatedly break class rules, they may go home with a "Sad Face".

    Homework Expectations: Students will be given homework every Monday, and expected to return it by Wednesday. Students' homework will be returned with a fun sticker to reward your child for completing it. We highly suggest to take some time out of your busy schedule to work with your child on these assignments. It not only gives you the chance to see what they are working on in school, but it gives you both the chance to spend a little time together developing much needed fine motor skills and oral language development.