Team Members




    Ms. Yoder, Mr. Jason, Mrs. Wilson

Team Expectations

  • Classroom Rules 

    We agree …

    1. to use kind words.
    2. to keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves.
    3. to immediately follow all directions given by adults.
    4. to use all tools correctly.

    *Natural / Logical Consequences   

    Reglas de clase
    Estamos de acuerdo...
    1. para usar palabras amables.
    2. para mantener las manos, pies y objetos a nosotros mismos.
    3. para inmediatamente seguir todas las instrucciones dadas por los adultos.
    4. para utilizar todas las herramientas correctamente.
    * Naturales / lógicas consecuencias



    -Have fun reading a book (Daily).

    -Write decoding words (Monday through Thursday).

    -Complete the math homework (on yellow paper) 2 days per week (usually Tuesday and Thursday).



Team Activites

  • Fieldtrips:

Team Specials

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