•  To learn about these scholarship opportunities, please click on the link for the actual application and additional requirements. You can also go to the College Planning page in XELLO for additional scholarships! 


    College Application Guidelines - a list of tips and advice to make the application process simpler. 


    Kansas Hispanic Education & Development Foundation Scholarship (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    This is a local scholarship for Hispanic students with a 2.8 GPA or higher.

    Deadline: January 19

    Award Amount: $1,000 is the average award.

    Visit: http://www.khedf.org/scholarships/


    AXA Achievement Scholarship

    AXA scholarship winners are known as AXA Achievers: “They are ethnically and economically diverse, and they share these qualities: Ambition and drive, determination to set and reach goals, respect for self, family and community, and ability to succeed in college.”

    Deadline: December 15

    Award Amount: $10,000

    Visit: https://us.axa.com/axa-foundation/AXA-achievement-scholarship.html


    Burger King Scholarship

    Burger King offers a wide variety of scholarships to students. Check their website for details on each one.

    Deadline: December 15

    Award Amount: $1,000-$50,000

    Visit: www.scholarshipamerica.org/burgerkingscholars/information.php


    Foot Locker Scholarship

    The Foot Locker Scholar Athletes program honors student athletes who demonstrate excellence in school, on their sports teams, and in their communities.

    Deadline: December 30

    Award Amount: $20,000

    Visit: www.footlockerscholarathletes.com/about


    Young Entrepreneur Awards

    Do you run your own small business? This could be the scholarship for you.

    Deadline: Mid-December (TBD)

    Award Amount: $1,000-$15,000

    Visit: www.nfib.com/YEA


    Yes for Liberty Scholarship

    YES for Liberty is designed to encourage study and knowledge of the Constitution and founding principles by establishing a powerful incentive to students in the form of a scholarship for further education. This is accomplished through an annual Constitution Bee.

    Deadline: December 31

    Award Amount: Up to six awards totaling $5,750.00 (actual amount will vary depending on placement)

    Visit: http://www.yesforliberty.org/index.cfm 


    Kelly Lynn Lutz Scholarship

    Provides scholarships to students who have lost a parent to cancer.

    Deadline: January 10

    Award Amount: $8,000 over four years

    Visit: http://kllscholarshipfund.org/


    Ronald Reagan Foundation Scholarship

    Rewards students who demonstrative exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship with financial assistance to pursue higher education.

    Deadline: Early January (TBD)

    Award Amount: $10,000

    Visit: www.reaganfoundation.org/ge-rfscholarships.aspx


    Fran Jabara Scholarship (WSU) (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    Will be you be majoring in business at Wichita State? This is a local scholarship. 3.0 GPA required.

    Deadline: Early January (TBD)

    Award Amount: $1,000

    Visit: https://www.wichita.edu/academics/business/entrepreneurship/Professor_Fran_Jabara_Endowed__Scholarship.php


    Dell Scholars Program

    Must be in AVID, Upward Bound or GEAR UP to apply

    Deadline: Mid-January (TBD)

    Award Amount: $20,000 and a laptop

    Visit: www.dellscholars.org/scholarship


    Point Foundation Scholarship

    This scholarship awards LGBTQ students who have demonstrated leadership, personal merit, and involvement in the LGBTQ community.

    Deadline: January 30

    Award Amount: varies

    Visit: www.pointfoundation.org/


    Wichita Legal Professionals Scholarship (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    Wichita Legal Professionals (WLP) annually awards a $500 scholarship on the basis of scholastic achievements, future career goals, demonstration of financial need, and leadership ability.

    Deadline: Mid-January (TBD)

    Award Amount: $500

    Visit: Visit the CCC for an application


    Merfield Family Foundation Scholarship

    For students who have a parent diagnosed with ALS

    Deadline: January 29

    Award Amount: $2,500

    Visit: https://vccf.awardspring.com/Home/ScholarshipDetails/7464


    McConnell Officers’ Spouses’ Club Scholarship (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    Available for dependent children of military members that live within 75 miles of McConnell AFB

    Deadline: January 31

    Award Amount: varies

    Visit: http://www.mcconnellosc.org/scholarships/


    Kyle Jefferson McMannis Scholarship (Northwest students only)

    Available to one senior who attends Northwest High School, McPherson High School or Canton-Galva High School.

    Deadline: January 31

    Award Amount: $1,000

    Visit: http://www.mcphersonfoundation.org/scholarship-application/


    Delta Theta Chi Sorority

    Available to two seniors for students who have a high scholastic average, show evidence of need and are planning to attend college

    Deadline: February 1

    Award Amount: $2,600

    Visit: www.deltathetachi.org for an application or come by the CCC   


    Wichita Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship (local scholarship)

    This scholarship is designed to encourage young women to investigate sorority life. Ideal candidates have strong backgrounds in leadership, scholarship, and community service

    Award Amount: four - $1,000 scholarships

    Deadline: February 1

    Visit: Visit the CCC for an application.


    Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award

    This scholarship is for high school students of all grades who are classical musicians or vocalists

    Deadline: February 1

    Award Amount: $10,000

    Visit: http://www.jkcf.org/grants/jack-kent-cooke-young-artist-award/


    Wichita Manufactures Association Scholarship (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    These scholarships are for any Wichita senior with plans to major in a manufacturing field such as engineering, welding, aviation, and even business or accounting if planning on working within a manufacturing-related business

    Deadline: February 1

    Award Amount: $1,000

    Visit: www.wichitamanufacturers.org/index.php


    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Scholarships (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (Wichita Chapter) is offering scholarships to Class of 2019 graduates

    Deadline: Mid-February (TBD)

    Award Amount: Varies

    Visit: Stop by the CCC for an application 


    Phi Beta Kappa “Man of Faith” Scholarship

    The Man of Faith Scholarship recognizes three incoming male freshman at Kansas State University who exemplify men that place their faith and academics in the forefront of their everyday lives

    Deadline: February 1

    Award Amount: $500-$1,000

    Visit: http://www.ksuphikaps.com/mof/


    Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc Scholarship (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    Sigma Gamma Rho is offering three scholarships to minority high school seniors pursuing a 2-year or 4-year degree at an accredited college in the fall of 2018. The scholarships are for education majors, fine arts majors or leaders of tomorrow 

    Deadline: February 9

    Award Amount:  $500 for education and fine arts majors.  $250 for leadership

    Visit: Stop by the CCC for an application


    Ellis Foundation Scholarships

    Started by Danny and Willis Ellis, who began awarding scholarships in memory of their daughter, Kathy, who died of breast cancer.  Since 1998, they have invested over $20,000,000 in education

    Deadline: February 15 for all scholarships except two-year craft scholarships, which have a March 1, 2018 deadline

    Award Amount: varies

    Visit: https://www.theellisfoundation.org/


    Assistance League Vocational Scholarships (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    The Assistance League of Wichita is offering vocational scholarships to USD 259 Class of 2018 graduates. These are one year scholarships toward the completion of a technical program at either Butler Community College or Wichita Area Technical College (WATC)

    Deadline: Late February (TBD)

    Award Amount: Tuition, fees and equipment for one year at Butler or WATC!

    Visit: Visit the CCC for an application


    Buick Achievers Scholarship Program

    This is a scholarship opportunity for students who plan to pursue a degree in one of the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) AND who are interested in a career in the automotive industry

    Deadline: Late February (TBD)

    Award Amount: $25,000!!

    Visit: www.buickachievers.com


    SER Corporation Scholarship (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    This is a scholarship for Hispanic students with a 2.75 or higher

    Deadline: Late February (TBD)

    Award Amount: $500-$1,000

    Visit: http://sercorp.com/ser-corporation-hispanic-scholarships/


    Linwood Sexton Endowed Scholarship (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    This scholarship is geared toward minority students who will be attending WSU who plan to major in Education or Business

    Deadline: December 1

    Award Amount: Full Ride!!!!!

    Visit: http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=finaid_scholarships&p=/LinwoodSextonScholarship/


    ACS Scholars Program

    This scholarship is for minority seniors that will be pursuing a college degree in chemistry or a related field

    Deadline: March 1

    Award Amount: $2,500

    Visit: www.acs.org/content/acs/en/funding-and-awards/scholarships/acsscholars.html


    Glenn Lygrisse/KACRAO Scholarship

    The Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (KACRAO) offers scholarships to reward students who have demonstrated quality leadership during their high school years.

    Deadline: April 1

    Award Amount: 4 - $500.00

    Visit: http://www.kacrao.org/kacrao-scholarship


    GPACAC Scholarship

    Three scholarships are available through this state organization

    Deadline: March 1

    Award Amount: $1,000

    Visit:  http://www.gpacac.net/student-scholarship


    Lori Dechant Scholarship (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    This scholarship is for seniors that have a physical disability who plan to attend a four year university.

    Deadline: March 1

    Award Amount: $5,000

    Visit: www.loridechantfoundation.org


    Sunrise Rotary Club of West Sedgwick County

    Vocational/technical scholarship for a student who demonstrates good character and financial need.  This scholarship is based off teacher recommendation

    Deadline: March 1

    Award Amount: $1,000

    Visit: CCC for more information! 


    Better Business Bureau Scholarship (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    These scholarships recognize students of integrity who represent BBB values. They are awarded to students who exemplify ethical behavior and personal integrity and who demonstrate humility, courage, compassion and respect for their peers, teachers and community

    Deadline: Early March (TBD)

    Award Amount: $2,000 (two in Kansas are awarded)

    Visit: www.bbb.org/nebraska/for-businesses/programs-services/bbb-awards-pages/student-of-integrity-award-scholarships/


    Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors Scholarship (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    This scholarship is for students pursuing careers in the Heavy Equipment and Diesel Engine Repair fields. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must attend a college that offers Diesel Mechanics or Heavy Equipment Repair. See the CCC for a list of these colleges

    Deadline: April 30 

    Award Amount: not listed

    Visit: Visit the CCC for an application


    ISM – Wichita Student Scholarship (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP)

    The Wichita Chapter of the Institute of Supply Management awards scholarships to students who plan a career in Supply Chain Management and who excel academically, exhibit leadership potential, participate in community service activities and demonstrate financial need

    Deadline: March 15

    Award Amount: varies

    Visit: https://www.ismwichita.org/scholarship-opportunities


    The Ulman Cancer Fund

    The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults is committed to helping young adults continue their education after being affected by cancer through their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one.

    Deadline: March 15

    Award Amount: Varies

     Visit: http://ulmanfoundation.org/scholarships/ 


    Wichita Community Foundation Scholarships (LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS)

    The Wichita Community Foundation offers MANY different scholarships for students in Wichita. Visit their website to find out how to apply and to look at each scholarship opportunity

    Deadline: March 15

    Award Amount: varies

    Visit: www.wichitacf.org/scholarships


    Timothy Seguine Northwest High School Scholarship Fund

    Open to Northwest students ONLY. This scholarship is awarded to one senior who has overcome adversity. Must demonstrate financial need and have a 3.0 GPA to apply

    Deadline: March 15

    Award Amount: $2,000

    Visit: www.wichitacf.org


    Heartland Black Chamber of Commerce, Wichita

    Non-profit organization comprised of small business owners, corporate representatives, and associates representing various non-profit organizations purposed to leverage communal capital to aid members in enterprise creation

    Deadline: March 24

    Award Amount: Five (5) $2,500 and Five (5) $500 scholarships

    Visit: CCC for an application