Looking for scholarships? Click HERE to access the CCC North High Scholarship List. The list contains recommended private/outside scholarships. 


    The North High Scholarship Application is now closed. The Class of 2020 application will be posted in December, 2019. 


    To be ready for scholarships, it will benefit you to do the following:


    *Visit the College Career Center

    *Identify scholarships you are eligible for 

    *Check deadlines and prioritize

    *Identify people in your life who can write letters of recommendation (Letter Request Form)

    *Have a Resume/Activity Chart prepared

    *Have a general essay prepared about your educational and career goals

    *Request a copy of your transcript from the CCC

    *Have a general idea of your family's yearly income





    PDF: KS College Reps and General Information (Information and links for institutional/college scholarships in Kansas)



    Suggested Scholarship Search Websites:


    College Greenlight is an organization that helps students, especially those that will be the first in their family to pursue a college degree, find out about scholarship opportunities, financial aid, how to apply to college and offers advice in many areas pertaining to preparing for college. They also do a great job providing information to Dream Act students. Make sure to check out their blog as well.


    This website contains scholarship listings, college rankings, and general information and articles about college. Students can create a profile and keep track of colleges they are interested in, scholarships they have applied to and much more.


    This website offers students and parents a wide variety of resources including scholarship help. Information about finding the right college fit, paying for college, the ACT and SAT, exploring careers and much more is available. There are many interactive tools on this site and it is very user-friendly. It truly contains everything students and parents need to know about college. Check it out!


    This website highlights scholarships for students who are not US Citizens. It also contains helpful information regarding going to college, DACA, Dreamers, and news updates. For additional resources, visit the CCC's Resources for Undocumented Students page.





    Click here if you are a junior and you'd like to know what you can do during junior year to boost your scholarship potential for senior year:

    PDF: Real Talk for Juniors: How to increase your scholarship potential