• Sending an Official Transcript

    Xello Instructions – Free Until July 31, 2021



    1. From the Northwest High homepage, go to your Rapid Identity log in (under “Students”). 


    2. Open the “Xello” app.

    3. Go to “College Planning” under “Goals and Plans.”

    4. If you haven’t saved colleges, you may need to click “Manage” under “College Planning.”

    5. Click “Create a New Application.”

    6. Search for the college you want to send your transcript to, select that college, and then click “Next.”

    7. Select “Regular Decision” and put in today’s date, and then click “Create.”

    8. Request the transcript for the school if listed.

    9. If select a transcript is not listed, then click “add task” and choose transcript. You will then need to click “Request.”

    9a. If college doesn’t accept Xello then the counseling department will receive an email and the Northwest registrar will send the transcript through email to your college.

    10. This process is free.

    11. SENIORS ONLY - You must complete your transcript request before July 31st, which is when your access to Rapididentity ends. Starting August 1st, you will have to request transcripts through Parchment.com or call Student Records at 316-973-4498. Both Parchment and Student Records will charge fees to send transcripts.