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    What is NAL?

    National Academic League (NAL for short) is a scholastic competition for middle school students.  Students answer questions on a variety of topics, including literature, grammar, spelling, mathematics, science, government, and history.


    There are four quarters in each match:

    • The First Quarter is the "Round-a-Bout” round. Teams answer groups of three questions round-robin style.   The questions are asked to each member of the team in turn.  Correct answers are worth two points.  If the team answers incorrectly, the question goes to the other team for a one-point steal and possession of a three-question sequence.
    • The Second Quarter is a collaborative round where teams of five students work together to solve multi-faceted questions in one minute. Up to 25 questions are posed to both teams.  Correct answers are worth three points.
    • The Third Quarter is the problem-solving quarter. Each team is presented with a real-life problem and then collaboratively creates a persuasive presentation offering their solution to the problem.
    • The Fourth Quarter is called “one-on-one”. It’s a fast-paced round where teams answer questions on a variety of topics and the lead may change several times. Each question is worth two points, and incorrect answers result in losing a point. If both teams fail to answer the question, it goes to a "free for all" and any team member may buzz in. 


    Who can be on the NAL team?

    Any 6th, 7th, or 8th grade Robinson student!


    Where can I find out more information about NAL?