• Colvin Elementary will have Standardized Dress for 2019-2020 school year
    Parents and staff at Colvin Elementary believe that students should dress in a manner and style that promotes a positive, safe school climate and enhances self-image for students. Standardized dress has been known to promote a positive effect on students, but only if everyone adheres to the policy.
    Colvin’s standardized dress colors will be navy blue, hunter green and white. Any emblems or logos (except for the Colvin logo) should not be visible on standardized dress pieces.  No denim or sweatpants are allowed.  Colvin t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts are allowed any day.  We will also include a Think College day where students and staff are encouraged to wear shirts representing their favorite colleges.
    All items should be comfortably sized to fit the students.  Oversized and/or baggy clothes are not permitted.
    Approved Standardized Dress:
    Navy blue, white or green, blouse or sweater
    • Colvin logo T-shirts or sweatshirts (on Fridays and other special days)
    • All shirts must have a collar and sleeves (sweaters/sweatshirts may be worn over them)
    • Solid color sweaters or sweatshirts in school colors of blue, hunter green and white
    • No insignia or logos
    Navy or Khaki pant, skirt, jumper,skort or walking shorts (no Dickies or cargo pants)
    • Navy or Khaki jumper or skirt (shorts may be worn under jumper or skirt but may not be visible below hemline)
    • Navy or Khaki skort
    • Navy Khaki  slacks or shorts
     Sock Options:   White, Navy, Black, Hunter Green
    Unapproved Standardized Dress
    • Any item that sends the message of gang affiliation, promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity or other inappropriate topics will not be permitted.
    • Gang signs or gang writing is not allowed.
    • Inappropriate make-up or writing on the body is not permitted.
    • Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, spaghetti straps, hooded sweatshirts are not permitted.
    • Jeans and sweatpants, except on special days.
    If students choose not to follow the Standardized Dress Code, any of the following actions may result:
    • Students will be asked to change into Colvin loaner standardized dress during the school day.
    • Students will be asked to call a parent to bring their standardized dress to school.
    • Parent conference will be held to clarify the Standardized Dress Code.
    All of these items can be purchased at any major store, including Wal-Mart, Target, JCPenney and Sears.