• ParentLink Parent Notification System


    What is a parent notification system?

    Wichita Public Schools began using ParentLink parent notification system in 2007 to promote timely communication between schools and our families. ParentLink offers not only phone contact options, but also e-mail and mobile app notifications.

    Since 2007, schools have used ParentLink as a trusted tool for sharing:
    • School or district-level emergency information and school closings. Contact about emergency situations can be made in just minutes when a crisis arises.
    • Events (open houses, conferences, fun nights, etc.)

      In order to make sure you receive emergency messages, always notify your school office if a contact phone number or e-mail changes!

    • Academic communications (assessment reminder)
    • Student reminders (fund raisers, spirit day, etc.)
    • Notification of unexcused absences
    • Reminders about library fines and overdue books
    • Low meal balance alerts
    How does it work?

    You don't need to sign up for notifications - you are included automatically based on the information you share when you enroll your child in school. ParentLink pulls information from our Synergy student information system, and from PeopleSoft for staff, every night in order to make sure communications are sent to current contact points. All parent and staff data stays secure, and you will not receive any non-school solicitations as a result of this service.
    What you need to know in order to receive messages?

    Called ID: Your caller ID will display the district number (973-4000) or your child's school number, depending on where the call was originated.

    Live answers: When you answer your phone, the system detects a human voice and begins the recording.
    Answering machines: When your answering machine “answers” the call, the system will begin to play the message. If your answering machine greeting is lengthy, you may miss part of the message. The system will always repeat a message in its entirety, so if you miss anything you can simply stay on the line and hear the message as it is repeated.

    Multiple messages may come in one call: en If multiple messages are sent to a number at the same time (for example, school photo reminders and eighth grade orientation, both being sent to seventh graders) the system will combine multiple messages going to one phone number. ParentLink will make up to six attempts to complete a call.

    E-Mail notification: Often times additional detail is included in the ParentLink e-mail feature. E-mails are usually, but not always, sent in addition to a phone message. Messages may also be sent using the e-mail feature only. In order to ensure you receive the e-mail notification, make sure your current e-mail address is recorded in Synergy.

    Text message notification: Currently we do not use ParentLink to send text messages as part of our mass notification strategy. However, a future version will soon allow the district to provide parents with that option if they specify they would like to receive text updates.
    Where does ParentLink get your phone number and e-mail?
    Parent and student information is updated nightly from Synergy, our student information system. Up to four phone numbers per individual will be uploaded, along with e-mail addresses. To make sure you don't miss important emergency messages, it is vital to inform your school office if a contact phone number or e-mail changes!

    What time will you receive ParentLink calls and messages?
    Any emergency calls (weather, power outage, school closings, etc) will be sent as an "emergency" and will begin going out immediately after the administrator hits send. All other calls (attendance, school reminders, etc.) will go out at scheduled times of the day (see attendance, meal balance and library fines below for additional information). 

    Attendance notifications
    Notifications are sent to parents for unexcused absences at every district school. Parents who have indicated they are "living with a student" or are marked to "receive a copy of correspondence" in our Synergy student information system will be notified by phone and e-mail.
    • Elementary and PreK students:
      • Excused absence must be reported before 9:30 a.m. to avoid receiving an unexcused absence call.
      • Excused absence for afternoon PreK students must be reported by 1:30 p.m.
    • Middle and high school students:
      • Excused absence must be reported before 10:45 a.m.
      • If a morning notification is made, a second call will be made in the afternoon.
      • If the student is still unexcused as of 4:30 p.m., parents will receive a call.
      • Parents are notified of unexcused absences at the time the data was pulled for each hour missed. For block periods, each hour of the block will be reported separately as an absence.


    Meal balance notifications
    Each Tuesday evening, parents are notified of a student's meal balance that falls below $3.50 as of the end of the school day on Monday.
    Library fines and overdue book notifications
    Once a month, notification of overdue books or library fines are made to the parent whose student has an overdue book or fine. Calls are delivered to parents "living with the student" or who are marked "receive a copy of correspondence." 
Last Modified on September 27, 2016