PE Information

  • Students learn many skills and activities in my PE class. We spend as much time as possible staying active and participating in activities that lead to healthier, active, stronger lives. Some of the highlights of the activities that the students partake in are:

    Running Club: Students run laps at different times throughout the year, earning miles completed. Every mile they complete, they earn a prize! When they complete 3 miles, 6 miles, and 10 miles, they earn a spot on our Running Club Wall of Fame! 

    Thirsty Thursday: On Thursdays, students in my PE class have a chance to earn an ice cold bottle of water, small Gatorade, or small Apple Juice. If the student fully participated, wore the correct shoes to PE, gave 100% effort, and did not get re-directed for poor behavior, they have a chance at earning the reward.

    Kindergarten Shoe Wall of Fame: Kindergarten students are being taught how to tie their shoes. As they learn, their names are placed on our Kindergarten Shoe Wall of Fame. The first Kindergarten class in which all students learn to tie their shoe earns a Pizza Party for their class!

    Integrity Wall of Fame: As students show acts of Integrity in PE class, their names are placed on the Integrity Wall of Fame. We want to recognize all students for doing the right thing, even when no one is watching!


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