Mock Election Information

    The goal of our mock election is to prepare students to be informed, thoughtful, and engaged citizens. It is suggested but not required that students have the opportunity to:
    • learn about the electoral process, issues, and candidates. 
    • deepen their knowledge through reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 
    • experience voting.
    Please use your professional judgement to plan a voting experience that works best for your students.

    Any Pre-K through 12th grade student in Wichita Public Schools may participate.

    Below you may find resources that are designed to assist you in planning for the mock election experience. Please use your professional discretion when selecting and using any resources to ensure appropriateness for your students. 
    PBS Election Central: Comprehensive election site with lesson plans for all grade levels.
    Sample Ballot : Sample ballot of what will be used in the State of Kansas, great for students to see and understand a ballot.
    Teach and Learn With the 2020 Election:  Writing Prompts, Challenges, Lesson Plans and Other Resources for Teachers and Students - Downloadable Lessons in Word format to teach about voting. 
    Discovery Education Election Channel: Just login via the Portal to preview the content, if desired you can assign content to students.  
    Election Week Extravaganza Choice Board (NEW!): Great activites for election week 
 Great site to find a large variety of resources, printables, and other links to help you teach about the election. 
    Student Daily News Resources: Includes activities, party platforms, and links to candidate websites.
    Glenn Wiebe Collection of Links - Collection of resource links to browse through for information and planning.
    For easy navigation students may visit  and click on the "Links for Students" webpage.

    You can decide about the type of mock election you want to run in your classroom/school. No matter what set up you select please ensure that all students have a secure and equal opportunity to vote. Voting should be monitored to guarantee one vote per student.
    Possible scenarios:
    • Students should use the school issued a computer/device to cast a vote, while adhering to district guidelines. 
    *It is highly recommended that secondary schools run the election through Social Studies classes. This will help to ensure students voting only once.

    All voting will take place by visiting and selecting the appropriate grade level.

    Results are broken down by:
    • Elementary, Middle, and High School Level
    • Grade levels
    • Individual schools 
    Results can be viewed by visiting