• PIB Community Service

    Community Service Time Sheet


    The following items are meant to outline the program and answer many of the common questions about community service. If you have any further questions please contact one of the Pre-IB Team members at 973-8600.

     1.  Each student must complete the following community service hours throughout the school year:

    6th Grade

    7th Grade

    8th Grade

    15 Hours

    20 Hours

    25 Hours

    Only activities done during the student’s free time will count towards the requirement.  This means work done at school must be completed before school, after school or during lunch.


    2.  The following hours must be completed by the first Friday in December:

    6th Grade

    7th Grade

    8th Grade

    10 Hours

    10 Hours

    12.5 Hours

    If these are not completed, the CHARGE grade will be lowered 10% for the second 9-week period. All community service hours must be completed by the first Friday in May. This will be reflected in the final social studies grade, which will be lowered 10%. Students who have not met the community service requirement will be exited from the Pre-IB program.


    3.  Any activity that benefits the community without the student gaining directly from the activity could be used to meet the community service requirement. This means a student cannot be paid or otherwise rewarded for activities they plan to use to fulfill the community service requirement.  Some services that don’t meet the requirement are odd jobs, including babysitting for relatives or family friends, or being an acolyte during church services.  Each activity must have an adult supervisor.


    4.  Students turn in monthly log sheets to Ms. Mandelbaum (6th Grade) or Mr. Rowley (7th and 8th grade). These log sheets will describe what the activity was, when it was completed, the number of hours served and a brief reflection.  These log sheets must have a supervisor’s signature.  Please complete and keep track of your hours in your personal log so you know how many hours have been served.


    5.  Activities must be recorded and turned in the month they are done, with the exception of summer hours.


    6.  Students may do the same type of activity more than once; however, no more than ten hours can be counted for one type of activity. This means that each student must have at least two different types of service experience.  If you do more than 10 hours for one activity, please turn all hours in for credit.  Awards will be given at the end of the year based on total community service hours.


    7.  For 7th and 8th Grade: Of the total hours, at least ten must be in an area designated as stretching. Stretching activities are those that go beyond the student’s usual realm of experience. If an organization, place or community service activity is new to a student, and provides a learning experience for her/him, then it is a stretching activity. Thus, serving dinner at a homeless shelter would be stretching, while mowing an elderly neighbor’s lawn would not. If in doubt, ask beforehand if the activity is considered stretching.



    Community Service Options

    This year you will be allowed to earn up to a maximum of 5 community service hours for participating or supporting the Robinson Community through organized activities.

    • Possible Robinson Events:
    • Attend/ Participate in a sporting event
    • Attend a concert (choir, orchestra, band, Shindig
    • Attend/ Participate in a NAL Match
    • Participate in Math Counts Competition
    • Participate in Science Olympiad Competition
    • Perform in Pep Band
    • You can earn 1 hour for each Robinson event you attend. No matter how long the event, it counts for 1 hour.
    • Practice does not qualify for community service.
    • Any event happening during the school day does not qualify for community service.
    • If attendance is required for a class, it does not qualify for community service.
    • You must still document on the community service sheet with a signature and a reflection.


    Also remember that 25 Box Tops for Education = 1 hour and 100 Pop Tabs = 1 hours maximum combination of Box Tops and Pop Tabs is 5 hours.