About This Class

  • I teach two classes 6th grade ancient civilizations and 7th grade geography.

    Each student has a composition notebook that has everything from bellwork to activities to closings. They use these on a day to day basis.

    This class is focused on reading, writing, and critical thinking. The students on a regular basis will read, comprehend, and then analyze information. The increase in reading of primary documents and secondary documents will prepare students for research based informtion and non biased points of view.


    Regular Schedule

    1st- 8:00-8:52 6th grade

    2nd-8:56-9:43 Plan

    3rd-9:47-10:34 6th grade

    4th-10:38-11:25 7th grade

    5th-11:29-12:16 6th grade

    6th-12:20-1:07 Lunch

    7th-1:11-1:58 6th grade

    8th-2:02-2:49 6th grade

    9th-2:53-3:40 Plan