Professional Learning Workgroup

Workgroup Overview

  • Purpose

    The Professional Learning Workgroup is a diverse group of leaders from various levels and departments within the district including teachers, administrators, and support roles that organize, problem-solve, communicate, and collaborate to identify recommendations that support professional learning throughout the district. 
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    2017-2018 Targets

    • Create 2018-2019 rollout plan for Learning Scales

    • Develop  training presentation(s) for Learning Scales

    • Analyze 2018-2019 Professional Learning Survey and make recommendations for future professional learning topics

    2016-2017 Targets

    • Analyze Professional Learning Survey data and report
    • Recommend Professional Learning topics for district trainings for 2017-2018

    Past projects include:

    • Create a multi-year NTI and NETwork Training Plan. NTI and NETwork apply to both college to classroom teachers as well as new experienced teachers to the district
    • Review the "Year 1 Plan" for NTI and NETwork trainings
    • Create a systemic professional learning assessment tool and survey to identify professional development stregths and needs related to the dictrict's annual professional learning inititives

Contact Us

  • Alicia Young

    MTSS Specialist, ISC


    Effie Conway

    Curriculum Specialist, ISC 


    Tiffinie Irving

    Academic Leadership Team (ALT) Rep
    Assistant Superintendent - Learning Services, AMAC