Suicide Awareness and Prevention

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please call or text 988, the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

How You Can Help

  • If you think someone is thinking of hurting or killing him or herself:

    • Don’t be afraid to ask “Are you thinking about hurting or killing yourself?”
    • Do take a “Yes” answer seriously and take steps to support and help
    • Stay with the person
    • Listen!
    • Let them know the limits of confidentiality
    • Be non-judgmental, reassuring and positive
    • Offer empathy, “I care and will help”
    • Offer hope that alternatives are available
    • GET HELP from professionals through the hotline number or other health care professionals

    If you or someone you know is thinking about SUICIDE, please call 988 or 316-660-7500.


    Please remember: threats about suicide must be taken seriously! If you suspect that the person is suicidal, ask about it directly. You will not cause someone to kill him or herself by asking him or her about suicide!

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