About This Class

  • The mixed abilities classrooms here at Enders strive to help our students be as independent as possible while differentiating our instruction to meet the specific needs of each student. My calssroom partners with Ms. Francie's class weekly to have more opportunities for communication and the learning of new skills. Within our own classroom, students learn academic skills, practice folding laundry, and cook weekly in the kitchen between our room and Ms. Francie's room. This unique experience allows our students to acquire skills they will need later on in life. Once a month we meet with an assigned general education peer to communicate and interact with during various activities. We also participate in Family Groups where students are encouraged to lead through mini lessons on various skills. Our students also have opportunities daily to interact with their nuerotypical peers during lunch and recess and some of our specials. This interaction  provides opportunities to communicate and engage with others outside of our classroom.


    Ms. Whitney's Special Schedule:

    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Music and Adaptive Music

    Wednesday: We join Ms. Francie's friends for different activities

    Thursday: Library and P.E.

    Friday: Art and P.E., Adaptive Music

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