• Enders I work with lots of different students throughout the day!  
    I am an Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) manager for dozens of students on my caseload and it is my job to make sure that their educational, behavioral, and social needs are being met and they are making growth in a way that makes sense to them!  I currently am assigned to grades 3-5 and I go into classrooms and help students and teachers in reading, math, and writing as well as work with students on skills during reading intervention and math interention. 



    We have a wonderful math resource for your child to work on their personal level called Dreambox!  
    Check out the following link and get your kiddos on at home when they are bored! Why Dreambox?

    Parent Instructions   

    All students are supplied with logins and it follows the same format.
    Usernames are: First initial + Last name +birthday (00112008)
    Passwords are: St  + their personal student ID number