Team Members

Gammon Child Study Team

Contact Information

  • Gammon Child Study Team

    Speech Pathologist- Holly Taylor

    BHSL - Alyssa Spencer  

    Counselor - Carla Clarke    

    Psychologist - Annie Roos

    Speech Pathologist - Kristen Doffing  

    Nurse- Jana Blank

    Social Worker - Leslie Perez


    Administration - Megan Weikel and Todd Clark

About Our Team

  • Our Child Study Team works to support students, staff and families; provide resources, and empower students to be successful academically, behaviorally and socially.  We work to identify student needs and help determine the most appropriate educational setting and services. 

    We celebrate the combined values and beliefs of our diverse community!

Our Favorite Habit


    Annie Roos -Sharpen the Saw

    Jana Blank-Sharpen the Saw

    Carla Clarke - Seek First to Understand

    Kristen Doffing  - Sharpen the Saw

    Holly Taylor -Be Proactive

    Leslie Perez - Sharpen the Saw

    Alyssa Spencer -Seek First to Understand