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  • Our Favorite Habit is Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood.

    Each of our students and Gammon staff voices deserve to be heard, valued, integrated, and utilized in our classrooms and building.

     Habit 5


    Mrs. Jesseca Troxler joined the Gammon family 5 years ago after graduating from WSU in December. She loves dogs, dark chocolate, and teaching!

    Mrs. Rachel Wetzel has been part of the Gammon family for 8 years and is in her fifth year of teaching 4th grade. She loves adventuring with her friends and husband, going on walks/spending time outdoors, and dark chocolate!

    Mrs. Laura Suter has been part of the Gammon family for 6 years, and has previously taught 3rd grade here at Gammon. She loves working on the garden and taking care of the chickens with her husband, going to the pool with her family, playing with the cats, and drinking coffee in the morning.