Team Members

Darcy O'Toole, Laura Weixelman. Megan Berndt

Contact Information

  • Darcy O'Toole


    Laura Weixelman


    Megan Berndt

About Our Team



    Darcy O'Toole:

         I have been teaching at Gammon since January, 2018. I graduated from Wichita State University in December of 2017 with a BA in Education. I have been married for 3 years and I have a fur baby from Kansas Humane Society. I enjoy taking road trips with my family and dog, spending time with my niece and nephew, and watching hockey or basketball. My favorite habit is: Synergizing because it is better to work together towards a common goal.

Our Favorite Habit

  • In Third Grade, we love to put 'First Things First', Habit #3,

     because when we organize and prioritize we are able to achieve greatness! 

    Habit 3: Put First Things First