Strategic Communications

  • Strategic Communications

    We are responsible for marketing all the amazing things our students, teachers and staff members do. We create videos, billboards, fliers, brochures, booklets, handouts, presentations, advertisements and more. 


    Media Relations
    We tell the story of the Wichita Public Schools—the story of achievements, goals and excellence. Through relationships with the media, we help build the reputation and community support for our schools. 


    Social Media
    We create content and maintain dialogues for the district social media pages:

    We also provide training and best-practice support on the use of social media as a communication tool, including application of the district's social media guidelines. Find the current social media guidelines here.

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    We create and manage content for the district website, and we offer support to schools to create and maintain content for their respective pages.


    Graphic Design  

    We create promotional graphics, including brochures, fliers, booklets, handouts, online graphics, and more that create the look and feel for the district's brand. 

    In order to maintain a positive, purposeful, and active relationship with the families of its students, and with the wider community, we work with community agencies, businesses, congregations and other groups to build the community support vital to the success of our schools and students. Click here to see how you can get involved.


    Employee Recognition
    We celebrate our employee's hard work and accomplishments with awards such as Good Apple, Distinguished Teacher, Excellence in Public Service and many more. Click here to see more of our awards and recognitions. 

Media Production Services

  • WPS TV:
    Media Production Services operates Cox Cable Channel 20 in Wichita, and AT&T's new U-Verse video service, Channel 99. 


    Video Creation:
    The department also provides video creation and production services for district schools, staff and students.


    Check out their page here: WPS TV

Parent and Community Network

  • Parent and Community Support serves as advocates for district parents on issues relating to the success of individual students within our district.


    Alisa Alexander-Fulton 
    District Mediator
    Parent Liason for Student-Specific Questions and Concerns Not Resolved at the School Level 
    (316) 973 - 4668


    Or you can visit their website at