Summer Opportunities

  • Internships

    Internships come in all shapes and sizes. Some are paid and some are unpaid. Some last for a summer while others continue through the school year. Some internships are local, but others offer employment opportunities abroad. Many people think internships are for college students, but opportunities for high school students exist as well.

    A high school internship can open the doors to the working world, showing you what it's like to have a boss, attend meetings, and meet deadlines. Internships also introduce you to experienced people who can help guide you toward a career. These short-term experiences provide a real insight into what it’s actually like working in a particular job or career field. Each student is different and it is recommended that you totally evaluate your individual circumstance prior to making a decision. Gaining relevant experience through internships or service learning, and making professional contacts while on assignment are two of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for getting a job in your ideal field after college or high school.


    Summer Programs
    High school students have the opportunity to study at universities, colleges, and with industry experts in a variety of fields during the summer months. Review the oportunities below or visit the College Career Center for more information on how to find a summer program or internship that suits you & your interests. Click the NewsBuff link on the left for a list of opportunities in our area.