Attention: Southeast Graduates & Students

  • Sending your final transcript is a crucial step as it can prevent future enrollment & awarding of financial aid at your college. Your college has to have proof that you graduated and your final transcript will list your graduation date along with the past semester’s grades, so this is extremely important!

    Additionally, it is your responsibility to request an official transcript from each college you attended or received credit from. The college credit you received while in high school may help you qualify for additional scholarships.

Seniors - Request transcripts in Xello

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

More ways to request transcripts

  • Students may need a transcript for a variety of reasons. Colleges and universities require an unofficial student transcript when applying to their schools. Most institutions will require an official transcript before a student can be fully admitted to the school. Many scholarship applications will require an unofficial transcript to be sent to their organizations as part of the scholarship application. There are two ways students can order trancripts: Xello and Meeting Request


    Xello <Applying to college>

    If you are an Southeast senior and want to send your transcript to colleges or schools that you are applying to, you should utilize Xello. Please request your transcripts using your Xello login. Refer to the PDF at the bottom of this page for directions on "How to request transcripts on Xello".  Xello allows you to send your unofficial high school transcript to universities/colleges in the United States for FREE! All transcripts are considered unofficial until you graduate from high school and your transcript shows a graduation date. Colleges require that transcripts be sent digitally directly from Southeast to be considered for official use. Xello meets the official sending requirement by post-secondary institutions. Recent graduates, we are able to send your transcript requests in Xello for free until August 1 after your graduation. If it is past August 1, please refer to the Southeast Alumni section below.


    Personal Use or Scholarships  <Not for colleges>

    For all students wanting an unofficial copy of their Southeast transcript to review, please submit a request here. 


    Transfer your SE Transcript to Another HS 

    The Registrar maintains student records at Southeast. If you are transferring to another high school the Registrar at your new school will have to send our Registrar an official request. We cannot send student records without that request. Our fax number is (316)973-2755.


    Southeast Alumni 

    Please contact the Student Records Office at for more details.


Order Transcripts from Colleges

  • National Student Clearinghouse

    Have you taken concurrent or dual credit classes during high school? Then, you need to send your college transcript(s) to the college you plan to attend after high school. If so, use the National Student Clearninghouse Transcript portal. Here, you can order transcripts from WSU Tech, Newman, Friends, and other colleges that offer dual credit at Southeast. You can also visit each college's website to order them individually.