Fee Waivers

  • As you prepare for a successful life after high school you will find that there are several fees involved, such as:

    • ACT ® /SAT ® registration
    • Sending your transcript via Parchment
    • Applying for most college & university admissions 

    Please review the document below for the typical "Eligibility Requirement" for getting these fees waived.


    • You can complete the lunch application by visiting family.titank12.com, if you haven’t done so for this school year. Additionally, you can visit bit.ly/myccctime to schedule a chat with Mrs. Manley if you think you should qualify based on other factors listed below, see item #3.


     Bitmoji ImageVisit bit.ly/MeetingBuff to request your fee waiver(s) for college applications, parchment, ACT, and SAT during junior and senior year. Register for tests (3-6 months) early to capitalize on the FREE test prep available to you. Learn more about ACT fee waivers & benefits here https://mysuccess.act.org/. Please note that those who qualify are limited to 2 SATs, 4 ACTs, and 4 official transcripts via parchment.


    Save your money when you can!


    NOTE: Do NOT pay for scholarship or financial aid help or counseling.  This includes help with the FAFSA (Free Applicaiton for Federal Student Aid).


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.