• Document Cameras- 

    Document Camera U50 SPHERE download- software- https://averusa.com/education/support/aplus-suite- 2021

    1. Select the first download option for Windows.

    2. Open Sphere to check out what the program looks like- here are a few video links. https://averusa.com/education/support/aplus-suite

    3. For this doc camera to work, it needs to be plugged into your docking station and your Surface Pro must be plugged in for the software to work.  

    Setting up your Aver Vision document camera to your computer and SmartBoard- document- 2018



    SmartBoards no longer need wires, UNLESS you want your SmartBoard to be interactive. If so, contact me to provide you with a SB cord. I have two options of cord- long and short. The long is REALLY long. When you the plug it into the cord that hangs off the SmartBoard and attach it to your docking station, it will allow the SB to be interactive. That is the only plug you need on SBs today. - 2021



    How to set up your technology (teacher laptop, docking station, smartboard)- video- 2018

    Apple TV set up video- 2018