• KINDERGARTEN ROCKS! But Kindergarten can also be an overwhelming time for students. My first priority as a Kindergarten teacher is to help them feel safe at school. I believe that learning will happen once a student is socially and emotionally ready for the day. To achieve this we spent time in the day to help students learn about their emotions and understand them. 

    Excelling in academics can come in many different forms for kindergarteners. I love doing a variety of approaches to help meet each student needs. I love allowing my students to explore and do hands on activities throughout the day. Students will focus on areas of reading, math, science, social studies, and writing. We will also incorporate social emotional learning throughout our day. 


    How to help students at home:

    Have them practice writing their name

    Practice letters, sounds and sight words (if you want a list of  words feel free to email me!)

    Counting, not just by  ones but 5s and 10s, can be with objects or without

    Read together daily


    Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have!

    Our specials schedule is:

    Monday: Music with Ms. Norman

    Tuesday: Library

    Wednesday: Specials Rotate Weekly 

    Thursday: P.E with Ms. Lauren

    Friday: Music with Mr. Dean and P.E with Ms. Lauren