• Business owners support WPS employees

    The local community has long-supported the Wichita Public Schools - its students and its staff. One way they show support to district employees is by offering special discounts and perks at area businesses. Our employees have benefited from discounts at restaurants, fitness centers, retail outlets, auto dealerships, amusement parks and many other places of business and entertainment.


    Do you own a business and want to extend a discount to WPS employees? If so, we'd be happy to share your information with our staff if it meets our guidelines:

    1. The discount must be available to ALL of our district employees.
    2. The discount must be available to ONLY our employees or other public servants like the police department, fire department, EMS, other school districts, etc. In other words, we don't advertise discounts/sales/promotions that are available to the general public.

    If you have a unique discount or perk for our employees and it meets those guidelines, please let us know!


    How we share your discount information with staff:

    • The district maintains an Intranet webpage that lists the businesses and discounts that they offer. All employees can access that webpage using their district log-on credentials.
    • An email news blast is sent to employees when new discounts are added. Typically, these emails are sent early on Friday mornings.


    What information we need from you/your business:

    • Company info including business name and address
    • Your contact information - name, email, phone number and position with the company
    • Details of the discount
      • What is the discount/perk?
      • How long is the discount/perk available? Through the 2022-23 school year or does it have an end date?
      • How do our employees receive a discount? Most places simply require that staff present their district photo ID badge.
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